Here is a list of goals to work on as a twitch streamer. Join discord to be guided through them by us!

Level 1: Beginner

Level 2: Starter

Level 3: Affiliate

Level 4: Streamer

Level 5: Partner

LevelGoal #1Goal #2Goal #3Reward
1Set-Up PC Hardware & Software
Download & Install a streaming software
(Streamlabs OBS Recommended)
Create an E-Mail
Create an E-Mail addresse for streaming. (Gmail recommended)
Create a paypal with this E-Mail to receive donations.
Twitch Account
Create a Twitch Account.
Welcome on board!
You are now a member of Stream Terra. You will gain access to the streamer panel on Discord after introducing yourself.
2Create Social Media
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube. Using the same username on every platform is recommended.
Twitch Settings
Set up yourTwitch Panels
Set-Up Streamlabs/OBS
Discord Server
Create a Discord Server that people can join to support you and your stream.
Live Notifications
You will be added to Live Notifications on Stream Terra Discord
31st Stream
Stream for the first time on your twitch channel.
Create a clip of your stream and share it on the highlights channel on Discord or the website.
Gain 10 Followers in total
Stream Terra Highlights Youtube
Your clips will be included to the Stream Terra Highlights Videos on YouTube.
Set-Up Discord & Twitch Bots to help your community with supporting you. (Twitch live notification, Custom Commands, etc.)
Rules & Info
Add an Information Channel on your Discord where you can place all the information about your stream.
Grow Discord
Invite 20 members to your Discord server to start your own community!
Streamer Post
We will create a profile for you on with all your info, links and social media.
5Twitch Affiliate
Reach your Affiliate Goals
(50 Followers, Stream 8 Hours, 3 average viewers and stream on 7 different days in 30 days)
Upgrade Overlays
Create/Purchase Overlays and place labels on your screen in OBS.
Logo & Emotes
Set up a Logo for your Stream & Choose/Create/Buy some Emotes.
Stream Terra Events
Invitations to Stream Terra Events & you can participate in the Subscriber Giveaways for Affiliates.
6Channel Rewards
Set Up Channel Rewards in your twitch settings at the creator dashboard.
Set Up Subscriber Emotes in the creator dashboard on twitch and activate Integrations on Discord
Set Up Streamer Goals in Streamlabs (Donations, Subscribers, Followers, etc.)
Interview & Gifted Sub
We will interview you for the website & YouTube Channel. Your community will be gifted subs after the interview.
7Video Editor
Find a Video Editor or download a software and edit your own video’s
Get an Intro + Outro video for your Highlights
Channel Trailer
Create a Channel Trailer for your Twitch & Youtube Channel
Social Media Promotion
Promote your content on a social platform (TikTok, Youtube, Reddit, etc.)
Streamer Spotlight
Your content will be featured on the front page of
Raid a streamer with 10+ Viewers
Affiliate Collab
Collab Stream with another affiliate on Stream Terra. You can invite an affiliate to join streamterra as well.
Community Event
Create an event for your Community. (Movie Night, Game Night, etc.)
Streamer Page
You will receive a streamer page with a custom URL at to create an overview with everything about you.
Gain 15 Unique Subscribers in total
Social Followers
Gain 500 Members on Discord & 1000 Followers on any other Social Platform in total
Youtube videos
Upload at least 10 videos to your YouTube Channel (Highlights, Vlogs, etc.)
Streamer Merch
We will create a shirt with your Logo on it that people can buy from which you will earn a share of the revenue from.
10Twitch Partner
Reach Partner Goals
(Stream 25 hours, Stream 12 different days, Average of 75 viewers in 30 days)
Partner Collab
Collab Stream with another Twitch Partner
Find a sponsor for your twitch stream.
Streamer Website
Your Personal Website for 1 whole year on which you can place anything you want to build your profile.

If you have any questions regarding these levels on Stream Terra or would you like to join the Team, Join us on Discord and we will help you out there!

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